"I had the privilege of working with Attorney Ivanovic off and on over the last 4 years both on a personal level (as my divorce attorney) and professionally (she was the GAL for a patient I was seeing). She did an excellent job in both areas and impressed me with her knowledge of the law, efficiency, responsiveness, and her genuine concern for the well-being of all the children involved in both situations. Her personal financial gain was never even an issue and most definitely had no bearing on her tenacity in pursuing what was best not only for me as her client but for my children as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a conscientious, knowledgeable attorney who is able to be highly effective with her integrity well intact. - RJH

Ozaukee divorce attorneys

"Linda handled my divorce and I don't think I could have gotten through it without her. She explained the law to me and looked after getting me the best settlement possible. I came out of my divorce more financially secure than I expected. She is a consummate professional with the best interest of her clients and their children as her goal. She's the best!- local My divorce was a nightmare. Linda fought hard for the right things, the family and the children first. Being a mother, she knows firsthand the importance of having them safe and cared for properly. Linda stayed consistent and professional through a very difficult and drawn out divorce and did not compromise the values or integrity she had from our very first meeting. My son is thriving now thanks to her. I have recommended Linda to others with confidence knowing she is a highly skilled professional and well experienced in family law. - mom4life

" If you are interested in winning look no further than Linda Ivanovic. Linda was my savior against a VERY vindictive ex-wife who would stop at nothing to take my child from me. I hired Linda as a replacement to a mediocre attorney who seemed content in letting my ex walks all over me. The minute I met Linda I knew it was going to be all business. You should have seen the look on my ex-wife's face when we walked into court together! In fact, her attorney dropped his head like OH....!!! Linda navigated me through very stormy seas. She is a professional who remains focused, who is dedicated to winning, who is understanding, and someone you can talk to. I always felt very comfortable with Linda. She explains things so that you understand what is going on. Linda knows the system, the law, and is highly respected by the legal community. Further, she continues to be available and shows a genuine interest in her clients and their families even after your case is over. Unfortunately for many of us, our ex's continue to show up from time-to-time with new accusations or angels of attack. Luckly for me (my child) and her other clients, we get to sleep well at night knowing that Linda is on our side. If you are interested in winning, if you are interested in protecting your rights, in getting a fair settlement, you need to talk with Linda. I don't even want to think about what would have happened had I not hired her. - Cody

" I will tell a few things that I personally know about Attorney Linda Ivanovic, and I should know, because I have been a client of hers for nearly 14 years. Attorney Linda Ivanovic is exactly who you would want to represent you, especially if you truly seek what is best for your child(ren)in the short and long term. She is professional, yet understanding of all aspects of your situation and case. She is determined, yet measured in how she approaches your case. She is crafty, yet straight with you at all times. She is well respected by Judges across all counties, including Waukesha, Milwaukee, Washington, and Ozaukee to name just a few......and her professional reputation is top notch. Linda and I have been in many ugly court battles together against my vindictive and psycho ex-wife ("Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, indeed") and the FOUR different Attorneys that represented my ex-psycho during all these years as she continued to obsessively attempt, at any and all costs, to try and convince others, including court officials, that I am a really "bad guy", as she tried to gain some advantage in our placement battles. Her attempts have been on-going, and continue to this day, but all of her misguided attempts have failed miserably, and she is quite enraged about her failures. Linda has proven time and time again that my ex-psycho is a pathological liar, and enlightened court appointed officials accordingly. Linda is a champion of Truth and Justice, and she was not about to allow an injustice to be put upon me, or my child's future and/or his best interests, nor was she going to stand by and allow the court to be misled with my ex-psycho's demonic lies. I could literally write a Novel about how effective Linda is and has been, but I will spare the limited space on this web site. Believe me, Linda did not always tell me what I WANTED to hear, but she did always tell me what I NEEDED to hear, and what I needed to KNOW as well, and that is a key reason we were successful. The best thing I ever did for our child was hire Linda Ivanovic as my attorney. If you don't believe me, just ask him, since he is almost an adult himself now, and can't imagine how his life would be had I not hired a pro like Linda." - Ivanovicclient

" Linda is an exceptional divorce and child placement attorney. She always puts the needs of the children first. I was say that her least concern is that of increasing her legal fees. At one point in our case, she recommended that I settle because it would cost us more in fees to fight, than to pay the increase in child support over the 5 years, and she would rather that money go to my children. That was impressive! Linda also extensively knows the divorce and child placements laws and consistently makes you look good while the other attorneys seem to fumble over themselves due to their lack of knowledge. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone, she is tough, yet fair. - anonymous

" I have used Ivanovic Law Offices several times over the past three years and I was always impressed with their professionalism, their knowledge of family law and their ability to do what is right. This is in large part due to Linda Ivanovic. If circumstances permit, I will use her over any other lawyer in Milwaukee or Wisconsin for that matter. She is a top-notch lawyer and well respected by other lawyers and judges in the legal field and has earned my respect and admiration for doing what is right. She is compassionate and definitely keeps the children's needs in mind throughout the court proceedings and in her depositions. I wouldn't use anyone else to handle issues with my ex-wife. I would definitely refer her to anyone who wants an excellent attorney who will fight for them during a divorce. Thanks Linda for all you do! - Bauer247

" Having employed Ivanovic in the past, I could not have been more impressed with her professionalism, her knowledge of and dedication to the law, but above all else, her concern for the well-being of the children involved in the case. She said as much to me over the course of the proceedings, "I care about you, but to be perfectly honest, I care MORE about your children, and that ultimately is my goal: to make sure that your children are placed in the best of all possible situations." Who could ask more of a family attorney? Isn't that what we all want as parents? To make sure our children are safe, healthy, and happy? And if your family attorney wants those same things for your children as you do, isn't that then the ideal relationship to have with your attorney? To want anything less than that for your children borders on parental negligence, I think. I found Ivanovic to be knowledgeable, dedicated, aggressive, but most of all compassionate both toward her client as well as the children and the situation they become embroiled in as a result of two parents who can't grow up enough to get along in the interests of their children. I absolutely and without a doubt would recommend her to anyone who would find themselves in an unfortunate situation such as divorce or child placement. She really is an excellent attorney. - BuckE

" I used Linda Ivanovic when I got divorced 2 years ago and my only complaint is that I didn't take the advice that I paid for!! It was like Linda had a crystal ball and everything played out just like she said it would. If you hire Linda, please please take her advice, she knows what she is doing!! - Nina